California Institute of Technology and eVap Recognized by
S-Lab International Sustainable Laboratory Competition

The California Institute of Technology (Caltech), Linde + Robinson Environmental Institute has been recognized for their use of the eVap Chiller Series at the cutting-edge sustainable facility. The S-Lab International Sustainable Laboratory Competition informed Caltech it has made the shortlist for its 2013 competition.

Caltech uses eVap extensively at its Linde + Robinson Environmental Institute with ten units installed specifically designed to provide cooling for laboratory equipment with high plug loads. An independent energy research firm estimated the laboratory would experience an 87% reduction in energy use for equipment cooling compared to traditional unitary processed chillers. The eVap units provide cooling for spectrometers, lasers and other heat-producing analytical equipment.

The other notable universities to make the shortlist include UC Santa Barbara, the University of Gothenburg, University of California, Irvine, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, the University of Cambridge and Oxford University.