eVap Featured in College Planning & Management

College Planning & Management features the eVap in its 2013 April issue with a story titled, “Laboratories: Solving The Challenges of Water” that takes a deep look at how the device is already delivering results for the California Institute of Technology and can help other facilities around the world. 

The eVap is the solution for college research facilities that need to change the ways they operate. Many facilities are unknowingly violating water-use and energy-efficiency codes and legislation, making them subject to fines. Jurisdictions and organization have made it clear that once-through water cooling needs to be eliminated. The eVap Chiller Series solves these challenges for research institutions in a multitude of ways. The eVap 1000/1100 utilizes an existing building’s chilled water or process system to reject the heat from the laboratory experiments. The technology is refined in the eVap 1500 to help institutions handle large plug loads while still conserving water.