eVap Chiller Series vs. Chilled Water System Cooling

A common question we receive regarding the eVap and the cooling of laboratory spaces often touches upon the difference between chilled-water cooling and the eVap product. The simple answer is that there are situations and facilities that are better suited for each of these methods. The eVap is a water-to-water heat exchanger that isolates laboratory equipment from the building's chilled water loop with a secondary closed loop of cool water and then uses the main building chilled water loop to reject the heat outdoors. To determine if your facility's chilled-water system can be used to directly cool equipment or you should turn to a technology like the eVap – consider the following:

Many chilled water systems operate pressure that is too high for safe operation of laboratory equipment and can damage the equipment. Check with the owner’s manual or contact the manufacturer for acceptable ranges and then make sure the chilled water system will always be in this range.

Most chilled water system operate at around 5 degrees C. Water temperature needs to be above 15 degrees C in the lab to prevent sweating on pipes or internal condensation in equipment that can damage the equipment. more